Heyyyyy Ladies! Happy Mind Right Monday! I hope everyone had a productive week last week and enjoyed the weekend. But, now that Monday is here again it’s time to get back to business! Last week was my first time participating in Mind Right Monday. And for those of who that don’t know what it is […]

A few days ago I came across an article on an online magazine I read regularly, Is Being a Fatherless Daughter Affecting Your Love Life? In the article the writer, Abiola Abrams, addressed a letter she received from a young lady wanting to know how to heal from the affects her father’s absence caused in […]

When I met with my mentor before the holiday’s goal setting was the main topic. With another year coming to an end we shared our accomplishments, shortcomings, and what we hoped to accomplish on the next leg of our journey. As always, I left our meeting feeling inspired and motivated to conquer the world. But, […]

In the days, hours, minutes and seconds leading into 2014 I was filled with more excitement about the New Year than I ever had been before. For the first time, as the year came to a close, I reflected on how I overcame the obstacles in my life and the growth I experienced because of […]

I graduated in August. But, it wasn’t until I was rushing through West Virginia University’s coliseum with my cap and gown on, nervously trying to find my place in line that my accomplishment really began to sink in. The halls were filled with other graduates reveling in the moment, laughing and smiling. Every staff member I encountered greeted me […]